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Finishing package A

This interior finishing package with bright tones aims to provide a neutral base for the rooms it is applied to, which allows giving the entire apartment a unique and pleasing style. Floor covering is white fishtail parquet or a traditionally arranged wood parquet; bright, massive ceramic tiles cover the entrance hall floor. The bright, neutral tones of the walls provide a great background for furnishing the apartment with contrasting furniture and elements, or maintaining a minimalist style with modest tones. The bathroom floor and wall are covered with bright large-scale outstanding ceramic tiles, where an accent pattern provides contrast to the main tile.

The ceilings and walls of the rooms have been painted. The floors of the living space and kitchen are covered by single-stave parquet with matching skirting boards. The floors of the entrance hall and toilet are covered with ceramic tiles.

The internal doors of the apartments are oak veneered and chosen so that the tone matches the parquet.

The floors and walls of the washrooms are covered with ceramic tiles; various patterns of accent tiles are partially used. The suspended ceilings include flush LED lights.

The sanitary wares are provided by Villeroy & Boch, which are complemented by premixing taps from Hansgrohe.

The bathrooms include standard 1,700 mm baths by Aquator, which can also be ordered as massage baths. The shower stands are mostly in a separate niche separated from the rest of the room; a glass door can be added to the corners if needed.

Living room

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Boen Prestige Nature, Oak, single-stave, white matte varnish. Floor pattern random or fishbone. *fishbone pattern for an extra fee.

Entrance hall

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Waterfall Ivory- 90x90cm / 60x60cm

Internal doors / doorknobs

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The finish of the internal door is in accordance with the tone of the parquet / the doorknob is of stainless steel

Lighting fittings / connectors / switches

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Flush light Moltoluce Ivy / connectors / switches Schneider System M

Floor / wall

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Waterfall Ivory 60x60cm / 90x90cm

Accent wall

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Waterfall Ivory, Silver, Gray - pattern Gamma 66 / Gamma 72

Lighting fittings

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Kohl Lighting, Miranda